Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birthday wishes

In our family, we have a birthday almost once a month. It was Courtney's birthday last year that Jilly kinda got the whole "I have a birthday, and I get a cake and presents" idea behind a b-day party. At Jeff's dinner back in March, Jilly asked when her birthday was, and we told her it was right after Uncle Bubba's. And now that we have been talking about Russell's b-day dinner, Jilly has been reminding me that "my happy birthday party is next", and has been asking for random things for her b-day. The best was one day last week. We were driving back from Gra-ma's house, and there is a brick building in between the McDonald's and the Cactoctin Auto sales. Jilly said to me "I want those ponies for my happy birthday, OK Mommy?" It took us a few times of driving by this same spot and her saying the same thing before I finally got what she was trying to tell me. In front of this building (I think it might be a bank...I really have no idea!) there are 4 yellow posts that all have horse heads on them. They remind me of on old hitching post from a western know, something to tie your horse to. And now whenever we pass it, all I hear is "Pwease Mommy, I can have those ponies for my happy birthday?" I love the way this kid thinks...just cause it's her b-day, she should get what ever she asks for...oh, if only it were that simple.

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