Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baskets, and hunting

The girls loved their baskets...well most of them. Jilly learned that she only likes certain types of candy, and lollipops are not what she likes! But she did enjoy the Hello Kitty that was in her basket. Cooper has really enjoyed all the toys, rattles and teething chewies that were in her basket. But Courtney...MAN! Did her face light up when she saw that cupcake decorating kit with cake mix and icing!!! She really loves to cook and bake, and she immediately asked if she could bake some cupcakes for Jilly's birthday. (I sometimes wonder if I can keep her this selfless and generous and kind-hearted for the rest of her life, cause in my opinion there aren't enough people like her in the world!)

We then turned our attention to finding our eggs that the Easter Bunny hid, and no matter how easy you think it's going to be...my kids are many wonderful things, observant is NOT one of them. It took a good half an hour for them to each find a dozen eggs (and that was with getting A LOT of help from us!) That Easter Bunny is very tricky, he even hid one of Courtney's eggs on a picture frame on the wall.

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