Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cookies for Miss Carol

A little parents live in what use to be my grandmothers house, so we have lived there in one way or another since 1997. We have the most wonderful neighbors, John and Carol. Both are retired now (Carol use to teach 2nd grade here in Leesburg) and have no children of their own...but adore my kids. It all started with Courtney many moons ago. Carol, having been a teacher, appreciates how smart, inquisitive, polite, caring...(you get the picture) Courtney has always been. And John is one of those people who can't stand most kids these days due to "lack of basic social skills and the ability to listen",but is absolutely in love with Courtney. And they have fallen in love with the rest of my girls as well. Every Halloween we stop by to show off our costumes, we chat when we see one of them in the backyard with one of their dogs, Courtney has always enjoyed just walking up to the fence to ask a question or start a conversation. And any time we have made Christmas cookies the girls always want to share with John and Carol "so Santa will visit them too" according to Jilly.

With that being said, cookies were made, kids were happy, and it was time to share cookies with Miss Carol and Mr John. With coats on, Jilly, Riley and I walk down the driveway, and up John and Carol's and we meet Mr. John who was unloading his car. Jilly said "Mr. John, we have cookies for Miss Carol."

He replied " She's in the house taking care of Amy (their very sick dog) so I'll just take these in the house. Do I get to eat some of them too?" (Little did he know what he was about to hear!)

Jilly, with a very serious look on her face turns to him, with her finger in the air and blurts out "You may have one, the rest are for Miss Carol and Santa!"

And the laughter rolled! John could hardly breathe he was laughing so hard. And at some point my Dad had come out to talk to John about a football pool, and he was in tears. It was all I could do to walk back into the house!

Later that day I caught Carol in the back yard, and she said John had told her all about it, and all she had to say was "At least she was willing to share any of them with him. She could have told him 'no', but she shared..."

I love the way Carol can make me smile, and see things in a new light. I will forever be grateful for their friendship over the years.

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