Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sledding after the blizzard

Once again we ventured across town to do some sledding. The girls were in heaven this time. They could not get enough!

Yes Cooper is actually standing...that's how much snow there was!
As long as Cooper had snow to eat, she was very patient to wait her turn. By the end of the day, her little face was almost as red as the sled!

To hear Jilly tell it "Daddy pushed mt too fast, and I tipped." She did tip over a few times, more from the leaning WAY over the side...but you can always blame the Daddy!

Courtney took turns with the little ones in her lap. I just love the full out smiles these two have!!

When it got to be too much for the kids to wait, Courtney would have one in her lap, and be "towing" the other behind her. I am just so glad that our girls can get along so well despite the age difference.

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