Friday, January 15, 2010


Here are a few more of the cute things the girls are saying these days.

Jilly "What the heck in the world?" Because Courtney says "what the heck" and I say "what in the world" so Jilly just put the two together and came up with her own.

pony show hair = Jilly would like two braids in her hair (the same way she has to wear her hair for a horse show)

The rest of these are all Cooper;

oww-si = outside. And yes she does understand what she is saying. She will go up to the door and point and say "oww-si"

dow = down

na-na = donought (no idea where it came from...)

Bubby = Buggy. Not sure where this came from, but now we all seem to call Courtney Bubby instead of Buggy. She seems to like it...we'll see if it sticks.

nie-nie = night night. It means "Excuse me people, have you not yet realised that it is time for me to get my cuteness sleep?!?"

pot-pot = Pop-pop. When ever we pull in the driveway of my parents house Cooper goes through a little roll call. "Pot-pot, Gra-ma, goggies, COOKIES". And this happens every time we go over!

cu = cup. 'nuff said.

new-nulls = noodles. My kids eat alot of noodles these days.

bean-bean = green beans

fi-fi's = fishies, or Goldfish. One of Cooper's favorite snacks.

peeeeeas = is her version of cocking her head to one side and with the eyelashes batting giving you a very cheesy "PLEAAAAAAAAASE?!?!"

rye = right, or all right

That's all I can thing of for now, but I have a slip of paper that I keep jotting these down on so I can remember.

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