Monday, January 11, 2010

Every Princess needs a castle

You would think I had learned my lesson at Halloween...but NOOOOOO! I had to get Jilly another foam project. We were walking through Michael's, and Jilly asked if she could have the castle, and I thought that since Courtney had the chance to put together a gingerbread house (which would have been above Jilly's head) Jilly could do this castle. NEVER AGAIN will I work with these foam kits! They did not have any instructions, and were next to impossible to figure out. As it was, the little bit of the castle we did figure out was enough to make Jilly happy. She was great, she didn't bug about her castle not looking like the box (which had circular towers that you were somehow supposed to assemble to the rest of the thing that we just could not figure out!) The only redeeming thing was the quality mommy/Jilly time we got to have. I love having the one-on-one attention to be able to give to my kids, but it's so hard when (so far) they like the same things!

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