Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little bit sleepy...?!?

Poor Little Miss Cooper...after a long morning of cooking, she was very tired. I decided to try (and I stress the word try) to get Cooper to lay down in the play pen at Granma's house. To my surprise (and great pleasure...) with in 5 minutes she was OUT! Not only did she fall asleep, she stayed asleep for almost 2 hours while we were still cooking (that translates to making a BUNCH of noise in the kitchen not 5 feet from where she was sleeping). Now this is yet another case of Cooper and Jilly being polar opposites. Jilly will NOT sleep any where but her own bed. It would appear that as long as (for now) Cooper has her binky and her blankly, she will pass out (she gets that from me, I can fall asleep anywhere anytime!)

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