Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pre-Christmas cooking

Jilly and Granma making meatballs for our "traditional" appitizer dinner durring "Chineese Firedrill" on Christmas Eve.

More meatball "smashing" as Jilly dubbed it.

One of my favorite things about Christmas growing up, was being able to see Grammy and Little Pop-pop at Christmas. Grammy has always made THE best almond cresent cookies I have ever eaten. I've tried in the past to make them, but thanks to my Mom, we pulled it off this year. It was so comforting to have that memory from my childhood to share with my girls. (...I say girls cause Wyatt doesn't eat cookies yet!)

Good chef in training...never leave a dirty kitchen!!!

Could rolling out cookies BE any more boring?!?

We told Jilly to roll the dough into snakes.

Dredging cookies in powdered sugar...the finishing touches.

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