Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I think Jilly might be watching a little too much TV on these cold winter days. On Sunday we went to a family lunch at a Chinese buffet, and Jilly was busting out with "Ni-hao" from one of the Nick Jr shows about a Chinese-American girl who teaches you Chinese phrases, and great lessons about listening, sharing...absolutely wonderful show. So Jilly was walking around as we were leaving talking to one of the waitresses telling her "Ni-hao, and she-she" which mean hello, and thank you. I love the fact that she remembers her manners even in a different language!

On the same note, she was getting ready for bed last night, had given everybody night-night kisses, grabbed her baby doll, and went running for the stairs. She yelled at me "Hurry Mommy, rapido. I tired." At least she is picking something up from Dora, Diego, and the rest of the Nick Jr line-up.

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