Sunday, February 15, 2009

Party time

We get to the house and sneak the cake in while Pop-pop is still out shopping for mushrooms for the homemade cream of mushroom soup. Everybody is hanging out having a good time (poor Russell and Amber were running late due to the flat tire that needed to be changed mid-trip). The 2 two-year-olds were in the play room for a total of 5 minutes, and Jilly comes out, looks around finds me and proceeds to rat on Riley. "Mommy, Riley-man draw his self." Since I was already up, I went to the playroom, and sure enough, Riley had taken some markers and drawn on both sides of his face...we like to think of it as "war paint". I'm still trying to figure out why Jilly made a special trip to find me, instead of going to Russell, Amber, or any of the other adults who were closer.

The two of them played and played, they even rode the pony together before dinner.

We ate a wonderful dinner of french onion and cream of mushroom soup, some great roast beef with brown potatoes and carrots. I think Jilly is getting ready to grow again, from the time we got to Gram-ma's house until we left the girl didn't stop eating. With the amount of junk she had before dinner I was sure she wasn't going to eat very much, but she finished everything I put on her plate and kept going back for more carrots. After a little bit of down time, it was time for cake, presents, and cards.

Pop-pop got an alpaca sweater like the ones the kids got, a huge coffee mug with the girls names and "We love you this much.", and I made a small "brag book" of the cake making process so he could show everyone what his girls did for him for his special day. Hopefully, it was a birthday that will be remembered for many years to come.

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