Sunday, February 15, 2009

cake challange

Bad things come from watching too much Food Network. My Mom has turned us onto a show on the Food Network that is all about challenges where 4 people compete and make crazy things. Like a 1200 pound cake that was a replica of a statue of a lion (I'm sure it has a name, but I wasn't paying too much attention), and a version of David's The Thinker made out of chocolate. Well, my Mom decided that for my Dad's birthday, his cake had to have a golf theme since he enjoys golf so much. For 2 weeks we have know that we were making a golf themed cake, and not quite sure how to execute it. As of Friday morning the plan was to create a golf course on the top of the cake by painting on top of fondant. My mission was to try to locate a golf cart...which was much harder than it sounded! While out and about on a golf cart hunt, I stumbled onto a little desktop magnetic golf set. Well, that changed the whole design of the cake, but in a good way.

So with our plan in place, we began making the cake. The first step was to mix up the brownie mix that was to make the golf course. Jilly made an excellent first. I think she ate as much of the mix as we poured to bake!

Then we waited for Buggy to get home while things cooled off, and the next step was icing. After putting the cake together, we had to add the fondant so we had a foundation for our golf course. Then we had to paint it so it looked real. After a total of about 4 hours in the kitchen we had a finished product that we were all very pleased with.

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