Thursday, February 12, 2009


For Christmas my Mom made both Jilly and Cooper piggy banks to match the one she had made for Courtney a few years ago. Whenever Jilly finds change she's announces "I have monies for my piggy boink." I'm not sure why I love the way kids talk so much, but it just makes me smile.

Like while eating dinner tonight, Jilly looked at her plate and said "Yummy chicken, and rice, and bean-beans (that's how green beans comes out)". Then upon closer inspection she said "No, not bean-beans...what's this?" I told her it was asparagus, to which she replied "Ooohhh...I like para sails." I'm not even sure she has ever even heard the word para sail, but it was too charming how to her "para sails" means asparagus. Courtney was laughing so hard, she was almost in tears!

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