Monday, February 23, 2009

"Let me show you..."

Who would have guessed that Jilly has turned into our little exhibitionist? Well, I'm not so sure it's was about showing off herself as it was about showing she was a big girl. Well, the first time it started was on Saturday when Riley-man stopped by for a visit. She ran to the door, got all excited, and pulled down her pants to show off her Jasmine "big girl" panties. This of course got a ton of laughs by everybody (maybe not the right thing to do, but we couldn't help ourselves). We had to have a little talk about keeping our clothes on after that, and I thought everything was going to be fine.

Until today, when Gran-ma stopped by for a few minutes. Jilly was on the potty at the time, but when she came out to the living room, Jilly again pulled her pants down to show off her "big girl" panties.

Now I'm really scared to take her out in public in these panties. Goodness knows, little miss Jilly will talk the ear off of anybody who will listen, and lately it has been all about potty. I can see it now, we're going to be in line at Target, she's going to be talking to the cashier (just like she always does) and I'm going to look over at her, and BAMM...she'll be showing off her panties to all of Target!

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