Friday, February 6, 2009

"Fishing pole"

Ever since we went to cousin Blake's pool party for his birthday in January, Jilly has been talking about the "swimmin pole". We can't get her to say pool, it comes out pole. So while at Target today we bought a new bathing suit (yes because we all think about summer gear on the 5th of February, right?!?) and as soon as we put it in the basket all Jilly could say was "swimmin suit". When asked later about her "bathing suit" she replied with "You don't say that to me! It's my swimmin siut for the fishin pole!" Still not sure where the confusion about swimming vs. fishing came from, but the expressions on her face, and the inflection with which Jilly speaks these days is amazing! There are times when I can't figure out who, but I know the girl is channeling someone.

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