Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what the...?!?!

So out of her God given right to spoil the grand kids, Grand-ma stopped by this afternoon with prizies in hand. At work, there was someone selling handmade sweaters made from alpaca wool. Of course, Grand-ma could not pass up the chance for a one of a kind special gift for the kids. When she got here (as most of you know, as soon as anyone even pulls up in front of my house my dogs go ballistic and start barking like mad) the kids ran to the door to see who was here. They started jumping up and down screaming "Gran-ma here, Gran-ma here!!" when she walked through the door. You should have seen the looks on their faces when she said " I have some special presents for you guys."

We make it to the living room in one piece, and are all oozing with anticipation waiting to see what Gran-ma brought us. She pulls these sweaters out of the bag, and both kids look at her and say " No, that's not prizies. Where's prizies?" Needless to say, the intricacy was lost on the kids. I'm not sure who was more disappointed, the kids because they were expecting toys of some kind, or Grand-ma because the kids were less than enthusiastic about it all. All in all, the kids did end up liking the sweaters, so much so they didn't want to take them off. By the end of the afternoon everyone was happy.

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