Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First snow of winter 2009

Here's Cooper, not sure what to make of being dressed up like the "stay puffed marshmallow man"!

Jilly and Cooper playing in the whopping 2 inches of snow. We drove across town to my parents house (they have a great hill right across the street) and took the girls sledding. Wyatt stayed in the house with Gra-ma and Pop-pop.

Who needs a sled dog when you have a Daddy?

Poor Courtney! She was nice enough to let the little girls play with her sled, so she had nothing. She tried a cardboard box...no luck. Then she tried the wax coated bag from a bag of dog food...again no luck. Note to self: find the saucer sleds we had as kids, light weight and very speedy! So they all took turns (hardest on Cooper who is yet to understand the concept) and fun was had by all!

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