Thursday, December 3, 2009

What a busy weekend!

Usually, Courtney and Lexi have birthday parties on consecutive weekends since their birthdays are a week apart. Due to busy schedules we had to do both parties on the same weekend. So after Bug's b-day lunch we went home and got changed for Lexi's costume party. All the girls looked fantastic and had a fun costume party/sleepover.

Every year Sunny makes a cake. And not just any cake, she does the whole decorating thing herself (where as I just slap some icing on it and call it done,Sunny has done Transformers, Sponge Bob...) but this year she went with cupcakes. But that did not mean she did not do a great job with the decorating! She made cookies and cut them out in the shape of tombstones, and (not that you can see it in this pic) made the green icing look like grass. Girl got talent!

Here's Lexi as Marylin Monroe, and Noah as a Zombie skateboarder.

Nicole (one of the girls at our barn) won the most original for the night. Can you guess what she is?!? Yep, she's a flying pig...put in the past tense she's swine flu!! I love the creativity!

Carlee Snyder (another barn pal) was a hobo...I think she spent a long time on perfecting the face. I think this is the only time I have EVER seen her not smiling!

Courtney was a genie. Costume made by Granma. She knew she didn't want to be a princess (ie Jilly as Jasmine) so we fashioned her costume more after I Dream of Genie. She got to pick out the material and pattern herself.

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