Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Jilly wanted to be Princess Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin for Halloween. Unfortunately, Jasmine is by far the hardest princess to get merchandise for. There were no (reasonably priced) costumes to be found. Then in stepped Granma to save the day...she volunteered to sew Jilly's costume for her. Granma is a super hero!

At school, the kids got to have a parade...which is to say that they walked through the office and around the courtyard. It was so much fun to see all kids dressed up.

Pop-pop even came and was able to help with the wrangling of Abu the monkey (Aladdin's sidekick in the movie). (I happen to think she looks more like a winged monkey from the Wizard of Oz, which was ironic...all 4 teachers were dressed as the 4 main characters, so Cooper fit right in!)

Both the kids in the classroom...reminds me of things I want to share once I get caught up!

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