Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lovely Fall Day

What a surprise to have a beautiful 70 degree Sunday in the middle of November. Jilly wanted so desperately wanted to play in the leaves, and then did not want to come in and take a nap. The only way to make her happy was to promise to play again when she woke up...which we did.

Cooper was not sure what to make of the leaves at first, but she eventually warmed up to the idea.

After naps, the kids got back out in the front yard and the giggles were indescribable. I love when the simple things in life bring such fun memories.

Follow up: Jeff raked up the leaves into a pile on the street so that the town would pick them up. If not for the fact that the kids were eating lunch when the truck came by, we would have been in the clear. However, Jilly was sitting at the kitchen table (where she looks right out into the front yard) and started screaming "Why are they taking my leaves?!?" I had to remind her that we kept a smaller pile to play in, but most of the leaves had to go to be able to play with other kids. It worked, she calmed down finished her lunch and went to play in the (now much smaller) pile of leaves when she got up.

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