Wednesday, December 2, 2009

P'ville wrap up

After sliding, and before we hit the petting zoo again, we stopped at the little playground to (you guessed it folks) ride on the pony! After a few minutes of that we hit the Moon Bounce. Many of you know my luck in life...there was NO BODY in the moon bounce, so I thought both girls could get in for a little while....NOPE! I get Jilly's shoes off and get her in, and start to get Cooper's shoes off and 5 or 6 boys show up and jump in before I can get Cooper in. Poor kid was devastated. She did get to hang out on the steps that lead in, but all she wanted was to be with her Jilly.
Jilly was scared to death (thanks to said 5 or 6 boys who had no regard for the fact that she was smaller then them and they would run right into her knock her down and laugh! Needless to say, these were NOT kids from her school, they had to be about 8 years old...) and hung on to the side most of the time, but still had a great time!

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