Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Halloween Tradition

For every year of their lives (with the exception of the year we were in Carolina) Sunny and I have gotten our kids together for Trick-or-Treating. When the girls were younger we use to do the parade then Trick-or-Treat, but after being pelted with hard candy one year we've been skipping the parade and just get started earlier. When the kids were smaller with little legs that didn't run so fast, we use to do the smaller neighborhood (Usually mine, nice small circle takes 20 minutes on a crowded Halloween), but sadly as the "older" kids have grown, so has their need for MORE CANDY!! So we have been going over to Sunny's parents neighborhood (or as we like to call it, the ritzy side of town) where I think you hit just as many houses, but you have to work a little more for it. Instead of the houses being right on top of each other you have a good walk from one house to the next. Needless to say the kids are ALWAYS tired afterward!

Jilly was Princess Jasmine, and Cooper was Abu the monkey both from the Disney movie Aladdin. Courtney liked the costume, but had NO INTENTION of being a princess so was a Genie. (I wanted her to dress up like the flying carpet, but was having nothing to do with that either!)

It did not take Cooper long to realize what to do. At first all she knew was she wanted to be with the big kids...but then if she went with them and held out her little pumpkin candy holder people would give her things. Then there was no stopping her...and heaven forbid the Daddy tried to carry, she would have none of that! She had to walk just like the other big kids.

Jilly loved it as well. At every house (and I do mean EVERY house) she would say "Trick-or-Treat, I'm Princess Jasmine and my Cooper is the Monkey 'Boo' because she doesn't say Abu, just Boo. There were no meltdowns, and the rain held off until we were home, so it really was a great night.

P.S. I didn't mention much about Courtney because she and Lexi ditched us old folks and "babies" to do the teenager thing...Thanks Mikey for always keeping them in sight!

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