Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not my baby any more

I have been trying for a few years now to get Courtney to cut some length off her hair. But I've always respected her decisions to just get it trimmed. Well, she made up her mind that she wanted it shortER not short! She came to this decision while we were at lunch for Aunt Sara's birthday last year and one of Aunt Sara's friends Angie was telling us about Locks of Love. Basically, as long as you have 10 inches to cut you can donate your hair so that some one (I have always assumed cancer patients) can have a wig made of human hair. Well, Courtney heard that and decided right there and then that's what she was doing. So when we went to see Miss Mandy for back to school hair cuts Courtney asked her about it. Mandy told her it was still a little short to be able to donate and still look good. (Poor kid got my Mom's incredibly curly hair, and Mandy wanted to make sure it would still look good once it was styled.)

So Mandy gave Courtney the OK to cut it in the spring of this year, and I asked Courtney if we could keep it long until after Finals (I have trouble french braiding the pig-tails as it is, let alone there barely being enough hair to braid!) and she agreed. So we set the appointment, and after making sure about 100 times that this is what she wanted...she did it.

It was amazing to me how her confidence level seemed to sky rocket after getting it cut. She loves it, and I love the fact that she made this decision on her own and is thrilled about it. Let's face it...we have all had our fair share of bad hair cuts!!

Jilly got her bangs cut (she won't let me near her hair, she loves Miss Mandy too much!) We made the appointment so that we were the last ones in there for the night..and good thing too! My kids were running all over the place, but at least I didn't have to feel like "that mom" who couldn't control her kids and let them disturb anybody...that's why we went when there was nobody there to be able to disturb!

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