Tuesday, December 22, 2009

yet more vocab

There is only one new one, the other two are older, but I had not included them. (Mostly because I forgot...it's not like I'm a busy person or anything ;0)

(new) candy cane comes out with a hard i it sounds like "candy kine"

disk-a-peered = disappeared

Wretch-skins = Redskins...funny story here. We were driving through town and I hear from the back seat "Look Mommy, Daddy's wretch-skins!" Jilly had seen a sticker in the back window of the SUV in front of us. Now here's why this is so funny...you need to say this out loud a few times...yes I thought that Jilly was talking about erections. So I must have asked her a good dozen times at least what she was trying to say, until she finally said "Daddy's football...Wretch-skins." There's nothing like a little blue humor with your 3 and a half year old!

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