Monday, December 21, 2009

Kids and pies

Courtney has become our resident pie maker. She makes the crusts from scratch (a lost art in my opinion). This is her apple pie...all from scratch! She cuts the apples and makes the crusts, and doesn't not need any help (just company...she's very chatty when she's in the kitchen!)

Jilly did not fell well during dinner (she was getting over a stomach bug) and didn't eat very much...dinner that is. Girl friend felt fine enough come dessert time to down like a half a container of Cool Whip! (I was a little mad, but mostly proud...kiddo is like her mommy, you don't need pie to have Cool Whip!)

If you happen to be helping Cooper, it is just too funny. She does this little baby bird thing where she opens her mouth and just kinda grunts, all while using sign language and saying please. Who ever is with her usually just ends up laughing.

Mom, I'm a teen-ager now, and that means I can't look happy...EVER!!

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