Wednesday, December 2, 2009

picking out pumpkins

The girls got to pick out their pumpkins before we headed home. Jilly wandered around for quite awhile before she found the "perfect pumpkin". Cooper just wanted to toss them (a little too much playing ball in the house with Daddy!)
As I mentioned before, Wyatt was strapped to my chest, Cooper was in the stroller, and Jilly was walking...and again I did not plan ahead. I had no idea how to get the kids and their pumpkins back to the magic van. Leave it to the 3 year old...she saw a wagon and was able to pull it through the parking lot all by herself. (But then we got in a fight, she wanted me to take it back and I wanted to leave it in the parking lot since I had everybody in car seats already. So I threw the wagon in the van and drove it back to the little stand where we had gotten it from. Then Jilly decided we needed a wagon for her pumpkins to live in...I love the way this girl thinks!)

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