Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vocab test (part 2)

Cooper is also talking up a storm, here is some of what she is saying.

Tee = please

cee-cee = horsey/pony

ta-to = thank you

me-me = excuse me

beep-beep = well, it means beep-beep, or can you move please

Mommy (sometimes Daddy)= She will call for me (and keep calling) and when I answer her she throws me a kiss, it is the equivalent to Jilly yelling "Mommy, I love you"

gogie = dog or doggie (which you can hear her say if she sees a dog or one of those lit up reindeer in a front yard)

buga = Buggy (Courtney)

G-G = Jilly

gra-ma = Granma

stintee = stinky meaning she has pooped

cookie = one of her favorite words...this will usually get her some princess graham crackers

baby = Wyatt...and she shows him off to EVERYBODY! (not to be confused for...)

bee-bee = binky and blankie which means bed time (both have lived in her bed for months now, no more Linus for her)

It is also amazing how well she understands what you say to her. Again, that's all I can think of currently, but I'm sure I will add to this list very soon...we all know my kids are talkers!

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