Saturday, December 19, 2009

snow memories

As I sit here looking at the 2-3 FEET of snow out my makes me think back to Jilly's first "real" sentence. In January of 07 my Pop-pop got pretty sick and was in the hospital. My Dad went up to New Jersey to be with him and Grammy. My Dad called to make sure we were doing OK (he knew we were going to be getting some snow) and it had been snowing for about a half an hour. Jilly has always loved to talk on the phone, so I had let her say hi to Pop-pop, and she busted out with "no-ing Pop-pop, no-ing". It made my Dad feel special at a time when he needed it the most. So I think from now on snow will remind me of my Daddy, Jilly and how much I miss Little Pop-pop,and how a blizzard can lead to kids (blizzard of 96 = Courtney). (Not to worry folks, I made sure we had plenty of things to do to keep us busy!! No more kids for us...for now.)

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